Flat Roof Repair: From a stone surface to a Cool Roof

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Stones to cool roof without a tearoff

Flat roof repair on surfaces with stone acting as the old protective coating usually results in an expensive reroofing project. Invariably, a tearoff is recommended. There is an alternative to this expensive approach.

After removing the stone and loose debris, the old roofing material serves as the foundation for applying a Cool Roof system. The result is a maintainable white acrylic surface roof that saves energy costs. Repairs around any future problems, such as caused by AC repairmen, are easy.

Stones over a flat roof in Baltimore

On Eastern Avenue in Baltimore, the old Patterson Theater has been converted to the home of Creative Alliance, a dynamic neighborhood art center. The stones were removed from the aging roofing surface and the loose debris collected and transfered to trash pickup containers.

Base work involving elastic roofing sealer and mesh were applied to the existing roof surface, and allowed to sit during the winter months.

Old Patterson Theater sign on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore Before photo of stone flat roof Photo of roof before beginning of project Flat roof with stone cover

After stone is removed, the base work
for the Cool Roof is applied

View from the roof Final removal work of loose stone Basework Basework in progress Basework with mesh and elastic roofing sealer Basework to be sealed at seams Basework

Details of Cool Roof work

Photos below illustrate the final details of the cool roofing work. Around AC units the flashing prevents leakage. The wood supports for the pipes across the surface were lifted and the white acrylic system applied underneath. Parapets are secured with the same roofing material. The final flat surface has a slightly irregular texture, like a concrete sidewalk.

Detail of AC flashing work for flat roof repair Detail of pipe flashing Detail of support for pipe Roof edge Parapet flashing, a part of flat roof repair work Closeup of main Cool Roof surface

Cool Roof finished

Final view of Cool Roof by Roof Menders Cool Roofing project performed by Roof Menders Maintainable flat white roof<

Are you looking for an experienced Cool Roof contractor

If you are seeking an experienced company to offer an estimate to convert your existing roof to a Cool Roof, one of us would be delighted to visit your site, discuss the alternatives available and, if requested, submit a quote. Both the owner (me) and my crew have been applying Cool Roofs since the 1980s, which makes both my crew chief and I, "old-timers" in the business. Click here for a map of our geographical work area.

Beyond information about our contracting services, this site is designed for individuals interested in liquid-applied systems with existing roofs--1000 photos, technical tidbits and history. These web pages are prepared by the same contractor that specializes in the restoration of these roofs.  She enjoys dabbling in website construction, therefore photos and articles are simply presented.   All pictures are from Roof Menders projects, the same contractor.  If you have questions, just call 610-941-1051 for a chat.