Cool roof in Baltimore saves energy costs

Energy savings and a contribution to lowering Baltimore's heat island effect.

Can be applied over common row house roofing surfaces, including stone covered.

Ten year warranty against leakage

And....easily maintained with a recoating due between years 10-15.

Roof surface is white due to white acrylic coating Baltimore cool roof applied by Roof Menders Flashing work ties in the roofing work in a Baltimore cool roof applied by Roof Menders.

Are you looking for an experienced Cool Roof contractor

If you are seeking an experienced company to offer an estimate to convert your existing roof to a Cool Roof, one of us would be delighted to visit your site, discuss the alternatives available and, if requested, submit a quote. Both the owner (me) and my crew have been applying Cool Roofs since the 1980s, which makes both my crew chief and I, "old-timers" in the business. Click here for a map of our geographical work area.

Beyond information about our contracting services, this site is designed for individuals interested in liquid-applied systems with existing roofs--1000 photos, technical tidbits and history. These web pages are prepared by the same contractor that specializes in the restoration of these roofs.  She enjoys dabbling in website construction, therefore photos and articles are simply presented.   All pictures are from Roof Menders projects, the same contractor.  If you have questions, just call 610-941-1051 for a chat.