Acrylic roof coatings: saving a foam roof

Foam roof with white acrylic applied by Roof MendersAcrylic roof coatings applied over an aging foam roof can extend the life of the original foam application. The photos below illustrate that the original finish had started to wear and allow moisture to enter the foam.

Foam roofs have their niche in the roofing material world. The foam can offer an insulation value to a building owner, a real advantage. Another little known use of foam is a severely aged metal roof where the panels are pockmarked and daylight enters the building. On two occasions during my 20 plus career , a building owner was seeking a way to preserve an old metal roof for just five more years. A foam application was the most logical way to proceed.

Foam roof before project start

Aging foam roofx View of the foam roofs

White acrylic will save on energy bills

On these Center City condo complexes in Philadelphia, the crew cleaned the roofing surfaces with a pressure wash. Like every project, there is more to the work than just painting down an elastomeric. The three photos below illustrate flashing work.

Finished roof with flower pot Parapet is flashed to prevent leaks White acrylic roof coating over foam roof by Roof Menders

Maintenance application completed

The photos below illustrate the final finish with two coats of Acrymax's white acrylic.

As an aside, it will be interesting to see if the foam roofs flourish in this age of increased interest in "maintenance friendly" roofing. There is a movement to reduce tearoff situations as another step toward better conservation of our resources. One of the true advantages of acrylic-style roofing systems is their maintainability. Periodically, an acrylic system can be refreshed; not true with foam roofing. Once a foam roof fails, there is no alternative available except a tearoff.

View of finishe project with acrylic roof coating View of roof More distant view of acrylic roof coating by Roof Menders White acrylic applied to hatch cover and connection areas by Roof Menders Roof Menders crew finishing project of acrylic roof coating

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