Flat roof: repaired, warrantied and white

Flat roof before start of work by Roof MendersRoof Menders work on flat roof

Before and after photos

Flat roofs can be maintained to stop leaks, eliminate blisters and improve energy costs. These photos show the steps:

Flat roof system materials include elastic roofing sealer, mesh and white acrylic. To the right, the crew has emptied the winter-grade version of the elastic sealer.

Blister cut open with asphalt Rolling reinforcement in blister area by Roof Menders Roof Menders crew member has smoothed asphalt Reinforcement installed Additional material for flat roof repair of blisters Area smoothed out Use of squeegie assists Roof Menders crew in repair of blisters on flat roof

Blister repair is performed before the "runs" of mesh are applied.  With the removal of the old delaminated roofing, elastic roofing sealer is squeegeed over the area.  Then the area is reinforced with #15 fiberglass felt.  Blistered area is ready for the application of the base of the work.

Flat roof base work

Foundation material is placed on roof in intervals by Roof Menders Base work is started

Base work:

1. Squeegee elastic roofing sealer over blister repaired area
2. Roll mesh in a straight line, overlapping seams three inches
3. Brush mesh to embed into elastic roofing sealer

Rolls of mesh is placed on base material Roof Menders brushing the mesh into base material overlapping 3 inches

At this point, the project is ready for the application of acrylic in the seaming to bond the mesh.

Base material soaks through mesh The appearance is unattractive, but does the job

Parapet base work

Photo of parapet work by Roof Menders First coat shows how the system is a smooth application

For parapet work on flat roofing, base work contours the logical outline.

On the upper roof in the first photo, mesh is applied to the outside edge of the parapet. Base work on parapet has been seamed and coated once with white acrylic.  Second coating due.

Acrylic seaming of mesh

Seaming binds the overlaps of the mesh. First, acrylic is brushed down under the mesh. Then the overlap is brushed into the lower lap with acrylic.

Roof Menders crew member dips brush into five gallon pail of white acrylic, pulling back overlapping mesh Acrylic brushed between overlapped seams Top overlap mesh is also coated by Roof Menders Plenty of white acrylic seals the seaming Zebra stripes Photo of seaming work around AC units Roof Menders work around skylites

White acrylic applications--first coat

First coat of acrylic on flashing to wall First coat application on flat roof by Roof Menders First coat around skylites View of roof with equipment, skylite before final coating by Roof Menders Just another photo Crew chief Lester Mobley with another Roof Menders crew member Parapet work

Final white coat application of acrylic

Second coat on flashing Second coating on parapet overlooking a roof with only one coat Roof Menders second coat for flat roof First and second coatings photographed in this view Second coating applied by Roof Menders View of second coat View of pvc drainage of AC units AC units View of flat roof by Roof Menders Skylites by Roof Menders

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